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Latest Rover car review .
TURBO-DIESEL .Once they were limited to a few quirky European imports, but turbo-diesels are now being offered by more and more car-makers across a wide cross-section of the market. The Rover 75 CDTi boasts the usual turbo-diesel attributes of stunning torque delivery and kilometre-stretching fuel economy.
It has been stated on news channels today, that MG-Rover will be opening upto 130 more showrooms (most of them in the UK), to try and improve sales of their cars. MG-Rover have sold less than 120,000 units this year, the worst figure for a decade.
This rare 1957 Rover P4 105R is owned by Dirk Burrowes, the organizer of Rover America, an annual gathering of Rover cars in northern Massachusetts. Dirk’s example is equipped with the unique RoverDrive automatic transmission that was in production for only 18 months, before being replaced by the DG transmission in the Rover P5 models.
This is a beautifully executed world class car that deserved to do very well, but was dogged by the Rover name that had been tarnished in the 1970s.  In those days, Rover cars of lamentable build quality made the brand a by-word for unreliability.
‘Despite the initial challenges posed by the demise of MG Rover and the removal of MG Rover tooling to China, XPart has helped to ensure that MG Rover parts availability remains high by working on key supply initiatives with NAC,’ explained Neil Hipkiss, Materials Director, XPart. ‘In the four years since the original factory closure, we have built up a nationwide network of over 250 MG Rover specialists with extensive experience of servicing MG Rover cars, who can offer owners a high quality affordable service option together with a rapid turnaround on replacement parts.’
Pictures of Rover Cars from car shows, car museums and classic car auctions across the U.S
And although the car maker's sales did fall during the year as a whole - by 5.87% - MG Rover boss John Towers is as upbeat as ever.
In a scene reminiscent of the BBC's Ashes to Ashes series, two quick-thinking officers dived into the Rover and caught up with the men and successfully made two arrests.
Specifications of 153 Rover models, with detailed technical data for each model. All Rover models are listed. Each specs page has full technical specifications of each model. Contemporary and/or classic (as applicable) Rover cars are shown, including collectible cars, antique cars and vintage cars. You can also filter the list of Rover models by various criteria, and make and save lists for later reference or sharing.
Inside, Rover went for a modern look without the traditional British cockpit. There was no wood, but there were lots of features. The most ingenious touch of the interior was the instrument gauge package that could be moved for either left or right hand drive by simply moving it to the opposite side of the car without any redesign of the dashboard.
Rover P5, P5B and Coupe
The Rover P5 started life as a volume production model to sell beneath the P4 and ended up a low production model selling above. Innovative engineering including advanced V6 engines, front or four wheel drive, were left in the research department and a cost conscious traditional construction went on sale.
Rover workers have voted to accept radical changes to working practices and redundancies which will secure the future of the company's Longbridge plant in Birmingham.
The Rover 25 is basically a heavily revised and Rover 200 was developed under the direction of BMW. The Rover 25 was built in the years 2000 to 2005. There is not a successor, as the Rover Group in its present form no longer exists. The sporty offshoot of the Rover 25 was marketed under the name MG ZR and has a 160-hp 1.8-liter engine under the hood.
Rover 800 Parts
Choose which Rover 800 car you have from the car part finder to the right or from the Rover 800 cars below. All of our Rover 800 parts are the finest quality and the same as the original parts used by Rover for building your Rover 800 car.
Cost of a brand new car is being slashed, with customers saving upto £1,500 off a new Rover 25 base model.





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