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The XJR returns! Jaguar has announced it will release an XJR sedan for 2014, and that the sporty model will debut at the 2013 New York auto show.
As per the recent announcement, the Company expects to cover a large market share of the luxury cars. The new XJ 2014 will be the first launch of the Jaguar on the Indian Soil, offering the luxury car with power pack of performance. The integration of the 2.0L Petrol Engine and 3.0L Diesel Engine will be a sleek advantageous for new customers along with a Global Brand Name of Jaguar associated with it. With the Diesel Engine, the car will be able to produce 600 NM torque while 340 NM in its Petrol variant with the 8 Speed Automatic Transmission in both, thus, giving  really a comfortable drive over the smooth road.
Jaguar has confirmed plans to reveal a new crossover concept next week at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. The automaker calls it a design study but we know a production version is already in the works and is due out around 2015.
Jaguar Xj8 Information About Model Images Gallery And Complete.
The Jaguar XF has slowly evolved, from the buggy premiere beginning car, and now yet added set of improvements and changes get been made to it, for the 2014 model-year. We notation modest changes in its decrease grades, two new makeup finish options on the esthetic select, and a detuned variation of the 2.2-liter ice engine is the water quantity of touch (for consort car drivers, especially).
The Jaguar XF – Models and features
This is a great chance for you if you can get the Jaguar XF model. This kind of Jaguar has sporty design and it has five types available. You can choose XF, XF Luxury, XF Premium Luxury, XFR, and XF portfolio. By having Jaguar XF, you will get the exterior styling design. In this case, you will get Carbon Fibre Bonnet Louvers, Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers, aero dynamic pack, chrome side power vents, carbon viper side power vents, wheel nuts – wheel centre badge, splash guards, 18” Venus, and so on.
A new Jaguar flagship sports saloon – the 550PS XJR – combines supercar performance and assertive looks with the XJ’s typically high levels of luxury.
The 2.0-litre i4 turbocharged petrol engine, now available with Jaguar’s Intelligent Stop/Start system, uses a range of state-of-the-art technologies for power generation that belies its size. It produces 240PS and 340Nm thanks to the use of three key innovations – low-inertia turbocharging, direct fuel-injection and variable timing of both the intake and exhaust camshafts.
 2014 Jaguar F-Type
I've always had a penchant for Jaguars especially the 1980's body type and 1950's and earlier.  The past few years though, I haven't been really impressed.  I was looking at pictures of cars at the Geneva Motor Show and I'm really liking the look of the 2014 Jaguar F-type.  It's Jaguar's first sports car in 50 years.  Take a look.
First up on the brand's agenda is the production of the XE, the first model to be built at the all-new Solihull plant and is expected to hit showroom floors early next year. Already on the market, the Jaguar F-Type Roadster and Coupe satisfy customers seeking a luxury sports car, which helps to open up capacity to build the new models based off the iQ aluminum platform.
Most interesting and gorgeous picture Jaguar Xj 2014 Wallpaper - will shine in all its pretty on your desktop. Every computer user wants his computer reflects the desires and dreams and funny picture on their desktop - it's just what you need. All photos and wallpapers can be downloaded for free.
Jaguar Model Photo Jaguar F Type First Drive Photo Gallery Autoblog Picture.
The current Jaguar XJ is one car that we’ve always been interested in trying out, but had been delaying for one reason or another. We did drive one briefly a year ago, but it was a 240 hp 3.0-litre V6 version that was somewhat underwhelming. However, the entire range underwent an engine upgrade for 2013, so a “V6″ badge on the fenders now means there’s a 340 hp 3.0-litre supercharged motor under that long bonnet. As we found out, that makes a huge difference.
The Jaguar customer is typically a learnt man or woman – for the most part, a university graduate with a dynamic presence, and status symbol visible. Moreover, the Jaguar driver can be classified on some levels to the “blue temperament” – which is an analytical, prudent, detail-oriented and precise personality. In serving a Jaguar customer, one must not sway into personal details on the onset. In addition, the sales consultants have been trained to not ask many open-ended questions but rather ask close-ended questions and listen attentively. I also suggest note-taking, because the majority of Jaguar drivers (most in Executive positions) do not like to repeat themselves. By taking notes, one demonstrates the prospective Jaguar owner that you are unconsciously like them by mirroring their behavior.




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