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Who would not know classic khaki green UAZ cars, which served in armies of most of the countries of eastern bloc, and serves reliably till now. UAZ under 469 marking gained reputation of undestroyable Russian steel, which will handle any terrain and is repairable by hammer.
UAZ Patriot 2014 model year was rolled off the assembly line.First of all UAZ Patriot   facelift has affected transmission line, interior finish material and   optional equipment.
"This will enable us to increase the sales of UAZ cars by one and a half times compared with the third quarter and ensure that the Ulyanovsk automobile plant operates at full capacity until the end of this year,", — explained Mr. Shvetsov.  According to Vadim Shvetsov, the fleet disposal and model range update campaign announced by UAZ will be implemented from September 1 through December 31, 2014.
Ulyanovsk car plant will transfer completely to the production of cars of ecologic class Euro-4 from January 1st of 2013.
So the most comfortable for the movement to "Patriot" .
Uaz 3163 relates to the amazing brand Uaz.
Three UAZ all terrain vehicles ready for the Aral Sea expedition.
 It is necessary if the drivers of Soviet films, constantly catching the car podrulivaniyami.
Ecologic improvement will concern the whole model range of UAZ with all types of engines – UAZ Patriot.
The UAZ patriot is bigger, more massive and resistant then other car companies who are producing suv s or offroad vehicles.
The UAZ-469 is an all-terrain vehicle manufactured by UAZ.
At the first sight the UAZ Patriot is very different from anything, which you can meet on the road.
Full first restyling UAZ Patriot was only in 2012. Then it was made just enough changes in the technical part of the car, and added equipment in the cabin. And again, despite restyling, next year the car was again subjected to modifications.
Since January, all cars produced , with all kinds of engines – environmental improvements will concern UAZ Patriot,
UAZ Patriot Sport - one of car models, that left the konveer under UAZ brand. UAZ Patriot Sport was issued for the first time in 2010 and its production proceeded till 2013.
The main features of updated UAZ PATRIOT are its stylish design .
Also you can see full gallery of UAZ Patriot on this page.
An extensive range of comfort options that will allow meeting in the best way the needs of a wide range of buyers.
The changes undergone by the vehicle, can be described as very significant. First of all, they touched his body parts for painting which used advanced technology cataphoretic deposition of soil. Manufacturers also stated that in the future it is planned to make the automobile UAZ Patriot is fully galvanized.
Growth is provided by the positive effect of car sales of 2014 manufacture year, as well as parc renovation program, re-launched by UAZ in 2015.
This year the plant will release an updated model of the car "UAZ-Patriot." It is distinguished from the preceding advanced instrument panel, seats, climate control. Also introduced a number of additional options.
UAZ Hunter - one of car models, that left the konveer under UAZ brand. UAZ Hunter was issued for the first time in 2003 and its production proceeded till 2013.
UAZ announces the sales start of the new generation UAZ PATRIOT.
Dealers Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (Russia) are already taking orders for the restyled SUVs. The most important changes – in the list of main and auxiliary equipment .



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