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We can convert TagAZ 3D model into other formats, just send us a request.
TagAZ Aquila 2013 3d model is provided combined.
The TagAZ Aquila will be powered, at first, by a 1.6 liter 16-valve engine, which will produce a total output of 107 HP (79 kW).
If needed we can provide sports car 3D files before applying smooth to geometry.
The Aquila, for now, has a 16v 1.6liter engine producing 107hp mated to a five-speed gearbox, but TAGAZ will later offer several more powerful versions with over 150hp together with an automatic transmission.
Vortex Tingo is one of the models, the Assembly which is engaged in the TagAZ plant.
If you experience difficulties with separating standard parts of this vehicle 2010s .
Now TAGAZ Aquila is equipped with 107HP engine Mitsubishi 1,6 L and manual five-speed transmission. In future the car will have more powerful engine (150HP) as with manual, so with automatic transmission.
The production decreasing in “TagAZ” was provided by the continued shortage of working capital for the purchase of components.  
At the same time designers of managed TagAZe not trivial to copy and create your own image “based on”. Tastes differ, but in the presence and charisma that the vehicle is stored, there is no doubt.
TagAZ, the struggling car assembler based in Taganrog, Russia, plans to launch sales of Russia’s first volume sports car, the Tagaz Aquila, on March 15.
TagAz Aquila – a new domestic car created by craftsmen from the Taganrog plant.
The 4-door coupe, codenamed PS511, already can be pre-ordered.
Although Chinese cars are assembled by other Russian companies, TagAZ is the first to build from CKD kits. TagAZ also plans to begin assembly of the Chery Tiggo cross/utility vehicle in the future.
It is priced at RR415,000 ($13,764). The Aquila, which is Italian for “eagle,” is powered by a 107-hp 1.6L gasoline engine manufactured under license from Mitsubishi.
Tagaz C190 - one of car models, that left the konveer under brand. Tagaz C190 was issued for the first time in 0 and its production proceeded till 2013.
TagAZ also is considering a version powered by a 2.0L engine.
As can be seen from the statement of official TagAz, design and construction of this car are the property of the company and established its engineers. The entire project took about two years time development began in early 2011. Probably under the "proprietary" is meant the activity of the Korean unit of the plant, "TagAz-Korea."
This model represents famous vehicle TagAZ Hardy pickup 2012. Vehicle TagAZ is modeled with using official references and descriptions with real units.
VIENNA Fiat, Chrysler and struggling Russian auto maker TagAZ reportedly are in negotiations about the contract assembly of Jeep vehicles. The TagAZ plant is located in Taganrog, a port city in the Rostov region in southwestern Russia. The auto maker filed for bankruptcy in April 2012. The Rostov regional arbitration court has ordered external control of TagAZ for 18 months and appointed a receiver last week.
This is TagAZ Aquila, an FF "4-door coupe" with plastic body and 107 hp engine from Mitsubishi Lancer 9.
0-100 km/h is 12 seconds, max speed is 180 km/h. Weight is 1410 kg due to heavy steel frame.
A TagAZ official speaking during an arbitration-court hearing Sedans TagAZ Vega, began to be delivered to dealers TagAZ .
With such a low price, TagAZ Akvella coupe became the world's cheapest car.
The car was developed on the basis TAGAZ KOREA.


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