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A 1973 Soviet-era Moskvich sedan .
This page shows photos, reviews and technical characteristics of the car Izh Moskvich 412. If you like this car, you can "like" our FB group. If you have your own photos of Izh Moskvich 412, you can upload them on our website and become one of our authors.
Moskvich-2140 for BeamNG DRIVE. Soviet small car class III group, produced in Moscow at the factory AZLK from 1976 to 1988. Was a deeply modernized version of the model Moskvich-412.
Introduction of the Aleko 141 .
Moskvich 2140 potentially overtaken in the overall ranking by the Moskvich 2140, facelifted in 1981, during some years.
Moskvich-2142 «Prince Vladimir» is a car saloon, serially produced since 1997 по2002 year to OAO Moskvich.
This is a unique example of a 20th Century Soviet-Bulgarian passenger car. My Moskvitch 2140 was one of the only 10,000 cars produced on a contract for a joint car production between the Soviet Union and Bulgaria at the Bulgarian Lovech factory.
Its production was scheduled to begin in 1992, however, due to some difficulties, the launch of the model was postponed for an indefinite period.

Aleko was a front-wheel drive hatchback different from any model the factory had made previously.
One of the most exciting parts of the competition were paired speed trials, in which two Russian Moskvich’s threw down the gauntlet to some of the best cars in motorsports history – Austin-Healey Mk 3000 and Austin Mini.
It was larger and more luxurious, made with comfort, safety and aerodynamics in mind.
Moskvich-412 for BeamNG DRIVE. Modification of medium granularity of the body. In cons fashion, you can enable, not performance optics and primorci. Despite the disadvantages, the mod is quite interesting, pleased realistic management and behaviour cars on the road.
AZLK Moskvich is one of the best models produced by the outstanding brand AZLK. AZLK Moskvich's average market price (MSRP) is found to be .... Overall viewers rating of AZLK Moskvich is 2 out of 5. Also, on this page you can enjoy seeing the best photos of AZLK Moskvich and share them on social networks.
Moskvich 412 is a car, manufactured by Moskvich company. Moskvich 412 gained recognition and good reviews of consumers on the market. The excellent photo collection of Moskvich 412 expects you on this page.
Moskvich-2140 - Soviet passenger car of a small class, produced in Moscow at the factory AZLK with 1976по 1988. Was a deeply modernized version of the model Moskvich-412.
In General, while maintaining the design of the M-412, the car has received more modern and better decorated salon (especially in the version of the SL), improved external design, смотревшееся in the second half of the seventies regarding appropriate, a more perfect and efficient brake system with disk mechanisms at the front. However, net of cosmetic changes in the car kept the back of his predecessor, and together with it - many of its shortcomings.
Moskvich 412
Small class cars, manufactured by IZHMASH production Association: Moskvich-412IÈ from 1967 .
AZLK Moskvich 2141 taxi monster v1.1 for Spintires 2014.
Moskvich 408 Tourist (1964) with the top speed of 80 mph (130 km/h) could be a real cabriolet for the middle class, but at that time the country leaders decided that such an automobile would be too luxurious for a Soviet proletariat.
Soviet and Russian passenger car of the third group of small class body type hatchback".



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