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Infiniti Motor Company's   offered this statement.
Although confusing for many customers, the name change marks the only difference between the 2013 FX and 2014 QX70.
Infiniti honcho Johan de Nysschen freely admits that the Nissan luxury division was created primarily for the U.S. market, which accounts for the bulk of Infiniti sales. He also concedes that one of his priorities is to evolve that business footprint, adding black numbers to the balance sheet by expanding Infiniti’s presence.
Infiniti announced Friday that the all-new 2014  .
Infiniti debut New York  Auto Show.
Infiniti is planning some major product refreshes for the 2014 model, with the G series and M flagship both getting new skin, as well as the introduction of a new Leaf-based electric car.
Infiniti have already established themselves as a luxury brand that is rivalling the big players like BMW and Mercedes, but it seems that where they are right now is not enough. Although the Infiniti  Line (IPL) was created three years ago to gain a spot in the marketplace with the Q60 IPL, Infiniti CEO himself thinks that there is something lacking in somewhere.
The Infiniti QX60 Hybrid will be offered with front-will start at an estimated .
The outgoing Infiniti G37 IPL was never meant to be a direct challenger to heavy hitters like the BMW M3, just a warmer G, and it showed.
2015 Infiniti Q30 was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show  2013, but as a concept vehicle. Serial production is  entrusted to Nissan plants in the UK and Mexico and  will begin in 2014. Nissan has high hopes for this SUV.
(In fact, a source at Nissan once told us there was a relatively big “uh-oh” moment when the BMW 335is was announced.) With Infiniti now taking, well, everything seriously, that has to change. For help in making  Line models competitive, the brand is turning to its new corporate partner—Red Bull Racing. Yes, that’s right—engineers and test drivers from the reigning world-champion F1 team.
The company has also unveiled a new naming strategy for its car models. Infiniti models ,  crossover and SUVs.
Get detailed information on new Infiniti cars and do side-by-side comparisons to help you with your new car buying.
The Infiniti QX70 is powered by , with a 390-hp, 5.0-liter in the V-8 models. Rear- or all-wheel drive available as the V6 carries a 2,000-pound towing capacity, and the V8 boasting a 3,500-pound towing capacity.
Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury arm, and has emerged as a direct competitor to Lexus.
As new model year  – the Infiniti QX70 (formerly Infiniti FX) will be the first in the Middle East.
As we reported earlier this year, Infiniti did a top-to-bottom renaming of its entire vehicle lineup, making every car model a Q and every SUV a QX.
The company announced a rebranding of their model names in 2012, and the upcoming 2014 Q50 is the first car to bear the company's new nomenclature. Replacing the well-received G37 sport sedan, the Q50 is packed with high-tech features, refined styling and—last, but not least—a powerful yet nimble drivetrain. We went to the country roads of New England to put the Q50 to the test.
There’s no statistics, at least official statistics, on which Infiniti car sells best.  But according to the sales in my dealership (Glendale Infiniti), the top selling Infiniti model is the new 2014 Q50, the sedan that replaced the G as the new entry model. Note, however, that the Q50 is an entirely new car that doesn’t look at all like the G. Second comes the Q60 Coupe—that retains much of the look of its predecessor, the G37 Coupe.
The 2014 model year brought a name change to Infiniti’s prestigious lineup. The previously-named QX56 now becomes the QX80 and it’s safe to say that the vehicle has not only grown in terms of the number on its badge. The Armored Infiniti QX80 is a very spacious, 7-seater bulletproof SUV which will be able to handle itself in any situation.
Here is the new model of family Infiniti, which is likely to produce the UK. What we already know is that it will be made on the platform of Mercedes vehicles. This futuristic model is well designed, equipped with the latest generation equipment, the engine can be expected four-cylinder , and we hear that the plan is a model of all-electric drive. 2014 Infiniti Compact Hatchback is a beautiful model.
Some premium brands have said they're not interested in chasing volume at all costs, but most seem like they are, and Nissan's Infiniti premium brand is among them.
Infiniti is careful to point out - some of the themes the production Q80 will take as it attempts to challenge Mercedes-Benz's S-Class and BMW's 7 Series.
 Infiniti brand president Johan DeNysschen has set an ambitious global sales target of 600,000 units by 2020, according to Automotive News. The brand sold 170,000 models worldwide in 2012. Key to that growth is expansion in China and Europe, where the Infiniti brand is a relative newcomer.
In the Auto Exhibition, Infiniti will debut their new and world’s 1st production performance technologies, inside the 2014 Q50 sports Sedan, which are Infiniti Direct Adaptive Steering™ technology and Active Lane Control™, to make the driving experience more safe and comfortable. With the Adaptive Steering, it has 4 types of steering setting modes provided in the car, to allow the driver to choose the optimal mode as per the condition and situation. With Active Lane Control, it enhanced the center driving abilities by the use of camera which act as a lane marker detection system.
The exterior of 2014 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid model seems to be similar to Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid. This new crossover introduced at the 2013 NY Auto Show. The presence of this car becomes its third hybrid model for the automaker. Infiniti has planned that this car is available and can be owned by the costumers in Q3 this year.
2014 Infiniti Q50 Available near Redmond
The 2014 Infiniti Q50 Available near Redmond is a phenomenal top-tier luxury sport sedan that is one of the best in its class. It definitely looks the part with its elegant, stylish and aggressive design, which is characterized by its distinct athletic stance, its bold snout, its smooth curves, its subtle character lines, and its.
2014 Infiniti FX – A crossover vehicle, like a car manufacturer says so aptly, is “rolling incarnation commitment”, as buyers tend to sacrifice in the name of the do-it-all practicality. A possible exception to this rule is the Infiniti FX, 2014, which continues the tradition of mixing brand of above-average performance with a unique take on style and luxury. This does not mean that it is no obligation to purchase a 2014 Infiniti FX inherent, as compensation for their driving style Coupe is modest cargo space-optimal dynamic and entertaining space and back seat. Anyone from a Nissan 370Z is much easier to justify intensified, for example, a Chrysler Town & Country minivan.
Infiniti luxury vehicles are produced by the Japanese company Nissan. The first Infiniti Q50 came to market last year. It belongs to the class of mid-size luxury sedans. 2015 Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge will belong to luxury sports cars. Name of Eau Rouge comes from the name of the Belgian part of the racetrack.
“This Infiniti Q30 ” .



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