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No matter how much you love American muscle cars, every time when there is a new model of Ferrari, adrenalin starts pumping into your system.
Plus, as its silly name so explicitly states, this isn’t just any Ferrari, it’s the Ferrari.
A Non Stop Innovation from Ferrari The car was originally launched in 2012, but one year later the Ferrari F12berlinetta still feels like it is a newly launched car.
The 950-hp, V-12/electric hybrid LaFerrari pushes not only technical boundaries, but also those defining the modern supercar.
Every time Ferrari launches a new sports car on the auto market, we should expect three versions minimum: a Scuderia, a coupe, and a spyder. What should we expect from 2014 Ferrari 458 Scuderia? Ferrari keeps the features in secret, but we found out a thing or two. What we know for sure is that we will be witnessing an aggressive design which will be illustrated by the sharp edges.
Ferrari 458 Speciale will debut at the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show which will take place next week in Germany.
Scuderia is actually a synonym to weight reduction, which means we will have a light weight car.
McLaren 12C and the debate on the Ferrari 458 Italia is the best on the market for several years, despite both cars continue to rage.
As for the “under the hood” features, a turbocharged V8 will push out between 590 and 700 hp.
It is the new 2015 Ferrari 458 Speicale, which is a new high- version of the exotic Ferrari 458 Italia supercar.
If you are one of those car enthusiasts who can’t wait for the release date, please be patient, because at the end of this year Ferrari will blow your mind. We expect more details to receive from Italy in the next months.
What: Ferrari California T (2014 onwards) Where: Siena, Italy Date: May 2014 Price: 154,490 Available: order now, arriving September 2014 Key rivals:Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Bentley Continental GTC, BMW M6 Convertible, Maserati GranCabrio, Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG

Ferrari F70 Cars Enzo 430 2013 Models Pictures Ferrari 458 Spider 2012 Photo Wallpaper Car FF F12 Berlinetta image 2014 .
This is primarily due to the rumored equipment and features that are expected to come with it.
to the rumored
 As already mentioned, there have been countless amounts of rumors about this new car. However, the rumors to be discussed in this section are the most credible ones. The features discussed in this section are the ones that will most likely materialize come launch date.
The Ferrari F80 concept is similar to the LaFerrari model as is features a similarly striking bodywork, as well as a hybrid drivetrain. The sports car’s engine and KERS system combined ensure an impressive output of 1,200 horsepower, 250 horsepower more than the LaFerrari itself.
It’s really not common for Ferrari to be expanding their lineup portfolio simply because they need to remain exclusive.
At an estimated weight of just 1,763 (about 800 kg), the designer estimates the F80 could accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in a lightning-fast 2.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 310 mph.
This March rocks for car lovers as the new models of the super cars  this time curtains are up from the new model of Ferrari which is named as LaFerrari. Awesome specifications are integrated to talk about as the trend of Ferrari grips the market from several of years. LaFerrari is the first hybrid having 963hp limited series special which is dedicated to just 499 clients.
This week we also spied the 2013 Ferrari 458 GT3 race car testing on the track.
There is some story behind the name of the car which was enclosed by the company personnel as it is the maximum expression of what defines the company with excellence of technology, innovation, design and much more than expected.
LaFerrari comes with various advantages in terms of technology innovation, design, , style visionary and driving sensations.
 LaFerrari is advanced technology supercar which is going to be benchmark for the related industry.
Ferrari’s newest Touring car. Its 64-degree V12 delivers 730 horsepower and is absolutely gorgeous. Its huge sweeping lines down the side make the car look sleek, while the front end takes the best of the Ferrari 599 and 458 Italia and melds them together in perfect harmony. Break out the piggy bank though, this car bases out in the low $300,000s!
2014 ferrari laferrari la reviews pictures and prices lamborghini veneno bugatti veyron 2010 koenigsegg agera 2011 spyker c12 zagato 2010 aston martin one 77 2011 bugatti super sport 2011

la price specs features find specs ratings pricing features photos and more on the la discover other high end  coupes in the same price range
2014 ferrari laferrari get low: this isn't a concept car, but it achieves its elevated  via high concept..This is the press release of 2014 ferrari laferrari march 5, 2012. the wraps are finally off the laferrari. the prancing horse's eagerly-anticipated limited. Find specs, ratings, pricing, features, photos, and more on the 2014 ferrari laferrari. discover and compare to other high  coupes..
New Ferrari Enzo Model Sports Car Wallpaper in High Resolution for Your Desktop Backgrounds. This New Ferrari Enzo Model Sports Car Wallpaper was added on March 14, 2014, 9:19 pm, in Cars Ferrari Category. Hdwallpapersbucket have only HD Wallpapers for IPhone, Smart phone, Computer, Notebook, wallpapers, Desktop background, facebook Covers. If you like this HD wallpaper, share this HD wallpaper with your friends Circle.
A schism between defenders of the LaFerrari and the Enzo essentially nullified each others' votes (with five points awarded for a first place selection, down through one for a fifth). Meanwhile, the F12 consortium was aghast at the gall of the 599 supporters. And, though none of us are speaking to each other anymore, we did find collective love for a model you might not guess on first glance (it received only one first place vote).
The new Enzo Ferrari to use more sophisticated materials for the body of carbon fiber so there is a reduction in weight to 70 kg or 20% lighter than the Enzo and design utilizing Formula 1 aerodynamics.
 But you'll have to scroll down to read for yourselves how it all went down. God help us.
In honor of the late designer Sergio , the Italian  SpA will launched in Qatar Ferrari Sergio designed by  in early 2014. Confirmation came from current Chairman, Paolo  who confirmed the news that Qatar can expect the Sergio on the streets of Doha by early 2014.
Ferrari is popular car manufacturer in Europe, especially in the place where this automotive provider established, Italia. Indeed, they have produced many cars since 1947 and they have made many people feel interested with its new innovation of car. Many people in America also like Ferrari car because the design of this car is very elegant. It is very good to be used for popular people too.
Both coupe and convertible models of the 458 share a low, aggressive front end with futuristic-looking headlights, a tall, flared rear end that gives the car a muscular stance, and clean, mid-engined proportions that distill the essence of a modern Ferrari  car. The 458 Italia's interior is modern and luxurious in its look, but not avant garde or striking.
Ferrari California T Geneva Show. The The model heralds the few generation of this icon, and for the car faithful its a watershed moment. The model is now fresh, advanced, plush, and technical, with more safety, too tribute for a car thats as much a part of America as the original Model. Now a luxury coupe of the first order, with enough  on the order sheet to muscle up to sports-car territory, the latest model is fully free of its plebeian beginnings. The model isnt quite a knockout from all angles, even if all the traditional model cues were mashed into the new car. With a low and wide stance, the models pretty and graceful canopy rest on muscular haunches, but the some of the details are a little soggy—the tilted taillamp panel, the hashmarks that hashtag the headlamps. Inside, there is a distinct aviation-inspired theme. Large, clear instrumentation puts vehicle information right in front of the driver in the roomier cabin, while improved ergonomics and tactile switches and knobs provide better control. The cabins solidly laid out and more youthful than just about any luxury coupe, and richer-looking than the models cabin Ok, we will talk about 2015 Ferrari California T Geneva Show.
Ferrari Enzo F70 – Ferrari officially began to publish and showed pictures of Enzo Ferrari F70 cars for 2014, and this latest supercar will be appearing at the Detroit Auto Show 2013. Ferrari F70 more sophisticated than rival, the McLaren P1. The new Enzo Ferrari to use more sophisticated materials for the body of carbon fiber so there is a reduction in weight to 70 kg or 20% lighter than the Enzo and design utilizing Formula 1 aerodynamics. This car will come out at the end of this year and certainly will be produced with a limited series like the Enzo before.



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