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opel car

Opel Antara crossover of the second generation will be released by the Opel company not sooner than in 2014. This information was provided by the official sources, that say that this timing is not accidental, as company is having pretty tough but quite promising and optimistic plans about gaining back the previous and popular position of the brand.

The Opel Astra OPC is a real performer. The OPC specific lowered FlexRide chassis with mechanical limited slip differential, uprated front Brembo brakes, HiPerStrut front and Watts link rear suspension, combined with 206 kW and 400 Nm of turbocharged power, tell their own story.

Subtly outstanding OPC style also means it is a real good looker. Specifically developed front and rear bumpers add muscular prescence to the Astra's already svelte shape and the OPC-specific alloy wheels further amp up the aggression.

Producing of the next generation Opel Corsa will start in April of 2014 year. The current fourth generation appeared in 2006. and since then it had several adjustments, but now Opel Corsa is losing the battle for market with VW Paul and Ford Fiesta. Opel is still working on refreshing the model, instead of creating a new generation.

Couple of weeks ago in Germany started the production of image compact-car of the company – Opel Adam. Assembling the new items will take place in Eisenach, which produces Opel Corsa model. Almost simultaneously with the launch of Adam Germans announced reductions in 2013. According to the local newspaper, in 2013 under the brand of Opel will be produced about 845,000 cars. For comparison, last year, the Germans produced 1.19 million vehicles.

 Mueller said negative publicity over job cuts had not affected the brand in other European markets but in Germany owning an Opel car in Germany had become a social stigma, also in part due to an aging product lineup in the past. “The brand became an invisible wall in the heads of customers, people that said the car is super but I wouldn’t drive an Opel,” she said.
To fix the brand's image, Mueller, who joined Opel in August 2013 from the consumer goods industry, launched a marketing campaign called “Umparken im Kopf” – roughly translated to "change parking spots in your head."

Rápidas OPC Opel division placed its stamp of approval on a new performance brake system installed in the car. Framing these calipers red are either standard 17-inch wheels or optional 18-inch 225/35 R 18 covers tires. The Adam S also has a team of subtle but strong body, lowered suspension and a multitude of color options. A total of ten body paint options and four additional combinations are available with ceiling design ‘Roll’ Red Roof ¼n reserved exclusively for guests of ADAM S.

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On the inside, the 2014 Opel Adam brings three new seat fabrics, three new decors, two new colors, a new headliner, two new interior mirror colors, three new exterior mirror cap decors, as well as one new logo bar color and two new sets of exterior decals.

Although Insignia (originally appeared in 2008) only suffered “cosmetic” correction in appearance, it actually changed in such a way under construction that Opel presents a new model. The front chrome grille is wider and lower, and where the line is thinner Opel emblem. Details at the bottom of the bumper is designed to emphasize the sporty style fog lights are combined with wide black accents and chrome detail. Dashboard is to reduce the number of buttons, and the generation of multimedia systems can be operated by touching an eight-inch monitor. The ability to use modern electronics and the instrument panel. Thanks to the modern look, the driver in front of himself, instead of analog instruments, see the picture on the screen.
Tailor-made for the thrill of driving and designed with the strength and power to give all car enthusiasts the ultimate experience is the 2014 Vauxhall VXR8.
This allows you to change the look of the instrument, and there are some great additional options and more in the new 2015 Opel Insignia. There is also a new petrol engine and suspension upgrades are, as OPC and sporty package.

2015 Opel Antara will come to the powertrain to emphasize changes in atmospheric turbocharged petrol engine with a capacity of 2.4-liter will appear with the appearance of ENW core 1.6-Liter. In line diesel engine the company has added a new 1.6-liter engine, and a four-cylinder 2.2-liter core work on the “heavy fuel” will be replaced by a machine with a capacity of 2.0 liters.
New 2014 Opel Antara has everything that makes a car capable of 4-wheel drive. Broadly grip body, a high profile and a fantastic first impression.
The latter will be available in a few different modifications, including bi-turbo version with a power output of 195 horsepower. In terms of transmission, the model is expected to come up with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Opel will have the world premiere of the 2014 Open Insignia at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 in September. The new model gets an attractive interior and exterior styling and offers a comfortable and safe driving experience with state-of-the-art technology at an attractive price.
A host of chassis enhancements ensures higher agility and comfort along with a completely new infotainment system integrating many smartphone functions. The new Insignia has a more expressive design, high-quality cockpit, new center console, black piano lacquer and chrome control panel and newly designed instrument panel with an up to 8-inch high-resolution color display.
The exterior design theme articulates premium aspiration and dynamics with an unmistakable low-and-wide front graphic to visually pronounce its wide stance. This include a wider and lowered high-gloss chrome grille, a leaner logo, re-designed headlamps, safety lighting system, daytime running LED lights, lower front fascia inserts are slim and wide and fog lamps combined with wide black inserts and chrome accents.
The new Opel Insignia offers the choice between the three propulsion alternatives gasoline, diesel and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas); power output ranges from 81 kW/110 hp to 239 kW/325 hp.
The 2014 Insignia 2.0 CDTI is the eco and fuel-saving champion. Thanks to its new 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine, the 88 kW/120 hp and 103 kW/140 hp variants emit just 99 g/km CO2 (Sports Tourer: 104 g/km CO2) according to EG Nr. 715/2007.

2016 Opel Insignia now has sportier in. Recaro leather seats, OPC modifications buttons and control panel, which has a lot more detail that affects the driver’s adrenaline, new things. Like the 8-inch screen in the center console, where the driver of a vehicle wholly conventional information details, and specifics such as battery voltage, anxiety, brake energy, oil temperature level, the position of the fuel pump, and pressure due to lateral acceleration of gravity, which may affect driving, and often have a definitive result on the driver selection.
“The Opel Performance Center provides our performance-hungry clients with vehicles that are irresistibly dynamic, have a sporty look and are very different from the large production models, without making any comprises on everyday usability.
This car will also come with Extend brake lights and reverse lights consist of slim. In this method, the tail lights aesthetically divided into 2 parts.

Current bid Opel Performance Centre represent Corsa, Astra and Insignia, including the Insignia is available as a Sports Tourer. Opel Astra GTC OPC is in the new version is strengthened and has received a number of technical improvements that have been put above the competition.
This car also provides a variety of technical, security and functionality to increase manfaat.Ini consists of additional systems based on radar and video cameras, controls adaptive way to tell the blind side angle, be careful of the accident immediately and the 2nd generation park assistance, superior seat licensed by AGR and “Open & Start” system for access and ignition without big.



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