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The hotel Lincoln (Lincoln)

The hotel Lincoln (Lincoln) is very easy to get to the Old and Central Havana, Chinatown and Vedado. It is located across the road from Havana's best buildings in the style of Art Deco, America Theatre (Teatro America) and from the Casa de la Música (Casa de la Musica), where to go dancing, those who know the place. Malecon, Havana's famous promenade, just a short walk away.

When Galiano Street (Galiano Street) was a big shopping center, restaurant Lincoln (Lincoln) going to the ladies in little black dress from Chanel and girls to exchange gossip.

In a recent newspaper interview Folk West (Folke West) stated that "recently revived restaurant serves food of excellent quality at very low prices."

Lobby with elegant marble floors and gilt mirrors have too many pieces of fat cupids that violates aesthetic comfort. And it seems that the chandelier had not washed since the time of the Revolution, as seen in sharp contrast when compared with a shiny marble reception desk.

Quite a strange thing happened at the Lincoln (Lincoln). On Sunday, February 23, 1958 the hall of the hotel was kidnapped five-time world champion Juan Manuel Fangio racing one of the members of the movement of Fidel Castro. During a call on your manager Fangio and Stirling mechanic Moz, it was forced at gunpoint to get into the car, who was waiting nearby.

The news appeared on the front pages of newspapers in Paris, London, New York, Rome, Mexico City and Buenos Aires. The idea behind the kidnapping was not allowed to participate in competitions Fangio, which would lead to further deterioration of the public image of the reign of Batista.

Fangio was released immediately after the competition unscathed.

More information can be found at amigos de

This story gave the hotel a kind of charm, but to date Lincoln Hotel (Lincoln) calm and peaceful. In addition, its good location ideal for exploring the city.

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